Wyoming Hotshots Fitness Standard



What is the national Standard for IHC crews?


When it comes to a national standard there really is only one test and that is the pack test. It is the only required test for employment. However for the Wyoming hotshots our standard is a lot more rigorous and a better representation of wildland firefighting.  People need to come into the season and be able to hike on all types of terrain with 45-75lbs. The weight you will be carrying will vary depending on what roll you are in on the crew.


What is the standard for Wyoming Hotshots?  


What we focus a lot of time on and what we care the most about is hiking. It is the bread and butter of what we do as hotshots. Our PT hikes can be anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours in duration and you may not know when it will end or how far we are going. A majority of our PT’s are team based events and so we expect every single person from the superintendent down to participate in every from of PT and to give it 100% in every evolution that we do. That being said over all fitness means to be able to keep up with the crew in every hike, run, or circuit work out. Here is an example and you should strive to surpass when coming on to our crew. These are just the minimum standards the expectation is that you can perform these and more.

Federal Hotshot standards

  • Sit-ups: 40 in less than one minute

  • Push-ups: 25 in less than one minute

  • Pull-ups: based on your body weight, less then 110lbs – 7reps, 110-134lbs – 6 reps, 134-169lbs – 5reps.

  • Cardio: 1.5 mile run in less than 10:35

  • 3 miles hike in less than 45 minutes with a 45lbs pack on.